DOBIÁŠ spol. s r.o.

Photovoltaic power plant 32,30 kWp

  • Built: 2023
  • Location: Středočeský kraj, Czech Republic
  • nominal output: 32,30 kWp
  • Inverter and optimizer: SolarEdge
  • Panels: Canadian Solar
  • Mounting system: K2 Systems
  • Services: Photovoltaic power plant

About the Project

Another industrial photovoltaic power plant, this time featuring a somewhat atypical installation on the southern facade of a production hall with concrete ceilings.

Installation on a facade made of Kingspan sandwich panels, it was necessary to design and create a special supporting structure integrated with the assembly system of the German company K2 Systems.

The installation utilized technology from the Israeli manufacturer SolarEdge, known for its safety features, production optimization, and warranties, placing it among the top innovative technologies in the market.

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